My name is Aaron Carter and I work as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). I began working with individuals, couples, & families when I moved to NYC, in Spring 2001, and continued when I returned to MA, six years later, while attending Boston College and earning my masters in social work degree.

Prior to being in full-time private practice, I was employed for 17 years within public and private therapeutic and community organizations, which allowed me to work with people from different parts of the world and a range of socioeconomic backgrounds. I have a history of working with people on various points of emotional, physical, spiritual, and substance use continuum - while meeting with them during significant challenges, working to get their lives back on track, and focusing on maintaining stability. Iā€™m mindful that pacing and movement take time, and see my role in creating a space that allows for self-expression and the release of stressors to support self-reflection, relationship growth, and collaborating on hopeful next steps in life. 

There are many ways and options that we can go about this together and it is often a unique and personalized approach. My influences range from many models and approaches such as, open dialogue, narrative, spiritual & meditation, mindfulness, relational, family/network, cbt, craft,
harm reduction, exposure, art & music, and exercise. 

Whether the meetings are for therapy, Open Dialogue, clinical supervision or consultation, the location is optional. I offer a traditional office setting, or non-traditional options, such as a person/family's home, near work or school, or other community based options. In addition, I offer video, phone, and text communication. Wherever we agree to meet I do think a common thread in my work is supporting people with feeling less alone, while having a space to speak openly about their experiences and gaining deeper understanding and a stronger sense of direction.

"Aaron made me feel incredibly comfortable and that is something families notice about him.....Aaron's attunement allows him to ask the most important questions at just the right time - a true gift. I cannot recommend Aaron enough; he is a wonderful, thoughtful and highly skilled clinician."   
                                                                                                                   - Leah Constantz, LMHC