• Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy (adolescents & adults)
    I'm mindful that a good fit is important in therapy, including a level of respect and
    trust that supports self-expression, sharing deep personal experiences, feeling like an
    equal part, and being able to provide feedback to one another. Therapy also has the
    potential to challenge one another, while bringing about new ways of thinking and
    enhancing a greater sense of growth in one's abilities and relationships.

  • Marriage Prep
    Whether you’re contemplating marriage, or have a date set, having essential conversations
    on the following topics can have a strong impact on the future of your relationship. Some
    topics include: Commitment, Communication, Conflict resolution, Spirituality/Faith,
    Culture, Intimacy, Health, Children, Family, Finances, & Career.

  • Open Dialogue

  • Consultation & Support for Parents, Friends, & Family -
    Guidance for family & friends, who are helping someone through a difficult period
    or extreme mental health experience. This is often an overwhelming experience for
    all involved and an experienced outside perspective can be beneficial. Themes discussed
    are: communication, managing expectations & uncertainty, self-care, setting limits,

    budgeting, planning, treatment, continued care.

  • Students & Parents
    School can be a major period of transition and adjustment, feelings of stress, discomfort, and
    being overwhelmed are common – for students & parents – as the disruption of schedule,
    environment, new classmates & teachers, finances, social & academic demands…all can be
    difficult to manage. Our meetings can be a place to express oneself, defining needs,
    developing skills & coping strategies, and planning next steps.

  • Clinical Consultation & Supervision -
    I meet with individuals & groups. Some themes are: self-care, feeling stuck &
    defining needs (in various psychosocial situations), family work, group dynamics &
    team bldg, leadership development, guidance & feedback, resetting boundaries, transparency,
    feeling the need to fix, defining one's role, self-disclosure, uncertainty, feeling limited
    what one can share in ongoing supervision.

    Meeting & Communication options - my office, client or family's home, community,
    agency/organization. Also, I use video/phone/text.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or possible next steps.

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