For some time now you’ve noticed that life’s difficulties are building up and as a result taking a toll on your true self and creating separation in your relationships. This may be due to a blend of things, both controllable and uncontrollable, and affecting several areas of your life. Until now, it has been manageable on your own, or within your family, but you're realizing you could benefit from outside help.

In my private practice, I meet with adolescents and adults - individually, as couples, and families. People who I meet with have a range of concerns they've described as: struggling with mood, anxiety, alternative states (sometimes referred to as psychosis), spiritual disruption, intimacy issues, relational & family conflict, feeling alone, stuck, and searching for direction.

Therapy may not have met expectations in the past, or maybe this will be the first time, but you're ready for a new approach in connecting with someone and what's important to you. Together, we’ll collaborate on an integrative approach to fit you, and/or your partner/family’s needs, while creating balance to what’s getting in the way and focusing on a meaningful direction.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or possible next steps.

I have an office in Somerville MA, and also meet people in their homes, or community settings, 
in the Greater Boston area.