I recently read a children's book, on Martin Luther King Jr, with my daughter. When I told her my January blog was going to be a reflection on MLK, she asked if she could give me something she wrote. Thank you to my daughter for her thoughtful words and meaningful contribution. Here it is with a few minor edits...

I have a dream. Do you remember Dr King, the fighter of rights, the person that helped half of the world? You probably know who helped us treat people better, if you don't, it was Dr King! When he was 11 years old, he played football and baseball, and his best friend was white and, of course, Martin was black. One day his white friend's mom told him that they can't hang out with each other anymore. Plus they can't anyway because of a dumb rule that whites and blacks don't go to the same school, just because their skin color is different! I know sad, huh, but anyway Martin didn't understand why. 

That night at the dinner table Martin told his mother and father what had happened that morning, they told him why, and Martin flipped out. Hate is all he wanted to think about, his friend and his father, but his mother told him, "hate is the last thing you put in your mind no matter what." Martin agreed hate is the last thing he should put in his mind, so he did. 

Martin got older and stronger and he wanted freedom now. He wanted it so bad he went to jail more than one time for doing that. My point is to TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THEY WANT TO BE TREATED. Please!